babyNo joke check out Google Play Store there are more than 200 apps that promise to be able to get you pregnant once you’ve installed them.  The selling point: simple to follow (abc) instructions and kaboom!!!!

floFLO APP.(Google Play Store) I was quite impressed by this app. At first glance the interface looks imposing and complicated but once you get used to how it works, everything falls in place.  It has two primary functions first being to help you get pregnant and second function Preganacy mode kicks in once you have confirmed you pregnant.

You log in your personal physical details like hieght, weight and duration of menstural cycle and the app tries to work your most fertile day, the day you most likely to get pregnant. Initially its predictions are way off but as you put more information each month its accuracy improves.

You can also link this app to your fitness gear e.g pedometers or heartrate monitors. It also monitors your sleep pattern, basal tempreture and your different vaginal discharge which can also inform you if you are about to ovulate.

All in all i give this app 4 stars and i highly recommend it and besides you loose nothing its freeiphone.EMOJIts not a magic bullet but its worth giving it a try. Nothing ventured nothing gained.



Baines Avenue Clinic

b3b4b5baines logobainesBaines Avenue Clinic offers all the maternity services and more that you can expect to get at a well funded private institute. Majority of the wards either have two or three beds with one ward having a total of six beds, one private ward.

Two well equipped operating theatres 24/7 operational.

High dependecy room, Recovery room,

Three Delivery suites were patients are admitted pending delivery

Two Neonatal units

An in house Pharmacy

Note.Baines Avenue Clinic does not have doctors, one is therefore,expected to find a doctor of her choice. Onlt doctors with right of entrywill be accepted to book patients.  Booking can be done anytime during pregnancy, but is advisable to book early.

Requirements for booking

booking form completed by the doctor


Expected deposit in cash or proof of payment through transfer.

Payment Methods

cash , rtgs, valid medical aid, visa, debit card, mastercard, ecocash

OH husbands are allowed in labour wards and can stay an extra hour.

For more detailed visit Baines Avenue Clinic website you can even download a booking form.Download Baines_booking Form