The Brave new World

test tubeWhen you hear test tube baby this is the image that comes to mind right(simply put a baby in a test tube) Unfortunately that is far from the truth it looks cool though.

These two pictures are closer to how IVF looks like.

test 6test 2The fact is we always schocked to our core when ever technology becomes involved in the human being development, but eventually this shock dies down and we accept the technology as being helpful to mankind. The first hearttransplant was thought of as evil even the first “test tube baby” people thought technology has gone to far.  But now years later all this technologies are accepted.

HOW EVER technology has not stopped and continues to push the boundaries to what is comfortable to us. Morality and technology is going in different directions. Right now animals are being cloned in the quest to try and defeat diseases and improve the make of the specie being cloned. Ultimately this science will have to be used to help mankind. Am not sure in which capacity but you can watch movies to see the creative options that cloning will be used in. Movies for me seem to foretell the future accurately.artf womb

art wombSo my story artficial wombs are now at an advanced stage am sure you aware of the lamb which was “grown” in a artficial womb news agencies covered this story extensively. and yes people were shocked and once again voiced there opinions that this was not acceptable, but science does not care and is marching on with its quest to improve the human race wether we like it or not.

test artfitest tube wombtest robotart womb sci or fci




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