Can you trust your Medical Aid with your pregnancy?

In a country thats stable this question is a no brainer and the obivious answer is of course it will cover. HOW EVER in ours tht question is not obvious. One year is more or less the time you have to be a member of a medical aid for it to cover your pregnancy. After which you have another nine months to go before you can fully utilise it. So you need your medical aid to be in tip top shape for a duration of almost TWO YEARS.

In zimbabwe a lot can happen in three months what more of in two years imagine that. How many medical aids have been shut down in the past eighteen months……. how many of you have experienced a drop in the quality of service you used to get or benifit from the medical you are using. Is your medical aid still being readily accepted as it was when you joined. Is it universally accepeted at pharmacies. The experiences people have faced has led me to write this blog.

Go deeper brother. I want to offer a solution to people who are not sure are disgruntled with the services they are receiving from there medical aid. I have did my research to find out which medical aids are being accepted at the leading maternity hospitals for the the past EIGHTEEN months without a hitch.

Please submit your details to get signed up to the 3 top Medical Aid’s that are accepted by the BEST HOSPITALS IN ZIMBABWE


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