Mbuya Dorcas Hospital Heading to the top!!


Wow this has been the most visited blog i have done on hospitals in Harare. The requests i have received about this hospital are almost 70% of all the traffic we have dealt with. Number two though way behind is Baines Clinic and of course Avenues Clinic was number three. They must be something great that the members of staff at Mbuya Dorcas are doing. Or is it matter of new broom sweeps the fastest.

Nestled in Waterfalls Masocha road. This hospital is growing in leaps and bounds and i have been impressed by its infrastructure and services. I recently paid a visit to the hospital this month. What i love about Mbuya Dorcas is the cosy intimate homely atmosphere vibe surrounding the area. There is not a lot of hustle bustle there and you get personalised attention due to this.  The hospital is self contained it has its own labs, pharmacy, ultrasound, Midwives and yes if you arrive after 2pm you can see the Gynaecologist. The 3 Labour rooms are all air conditioned with en-suite bathroom facilities, the wards accomodate 3 patients per room patients who are have given birth and those awaiting to give birth are confined in different wards. They is a Theater and a Neonatal ward. I loved the open well looked after gardens were patients can wander around if they feel like taking a stroll, they are also garden chairs to relax. This garden and the fact that there are not stairs to climb to get to the wards was a bonus for me. The staff is very friendly and efficient we were served as soon as we entered the foyer. However the visibility on the internet of the hospital was a let down. I will post the pictures of the rooms i mentioned later during the week.

Please sign up to get a detailed break down of what they offer.


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