Water-births and Hydrotherapy Prospect Palms Hospital ISO 9001.


To be an ISO certified entity is a very big deal cause a company will be providing a world-class service and standard to its clients. Boom right there Prospect Palms has already assured that it providing the best as this certification is equivalent to those provided  by Avenues Clinic or Baines. The latter are huge hospitals in terms of infrastructure and staff. However Prospect Palms proves dynamite comes in small packages and offers the same quality service but in a more intimate manner due to its size.

In their own words this is what Prospect Palms Private Maternity Hospital provides.

Prospect Palms is a visionary maternity hospital that offers a range of world-class maternity and related services under one roof. Our ethos is based on empathy and compassion when delivering holistic care, from the moment of entering our premises to discharge. We also pride ourselves in our high quality infrastructure and services. The  beautifully manicured hospital grounds offer you and your guests a relaxing atmosphere. Prospect Palms has brokered a quality assured referral service to highly vetted partners in case of theatre emergencies whilst we await completion of the Onsite Operating Theatre, General Practice surgery and Pharmacy . For this reason you can be sure that your loved ones are in safe and capable hands day or night.
Services we offer include

* Free HIV testing and Treatments for Pregnant Mothers
* HIV and Pregnancy Counselling
* Teenage Pregnancy Support Group
* Ante-Natal
* Deliveries as well as Water-births and Hydrotherapy
* Post Natal Care Services
* Immunisation
* VIAC Testing 
* Family planning
* Ultra Sound Scanning
* General Consultations
* Pharmacy Services.

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