Hospitals Updated 2018

baby birth born care

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Avenues Clinic                                    P.O Box 488o Hre                           04-251180-99

Baines Materenity                             66 Baines Ave Hre                         04-705062/705011

Belvedere Maternity                          17 Princess Rd Belvedere Hre    04-778011/778075

Harare Hospital                                 Lobengula Rd Box 14 Southerton hre    04-62111-4

Parirenyatwa Hospital                    Mazowe St bBox cy 198 Hre           04-701555-7/778075

Queen of Peace Medical Service    128 Goodman Rd Hatfield Hre      0773 491 697

Mbuya Dorcas                                   Masocha Rd Waterfalls                   04-2907508


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